For a country that is not on the front line of Western Classical Music, producing excellent artists is definitely new. Counted as one of India’s youngest and foremost Opera singers, 22-year-old Frazan Adil Kotwal opens up in this interview.

Born in Mumbai and brought up in Pune, Frazan is also a Zoroastrian priest. His love for taking his music to another level has taken him to places all around the globe. He is also a major actor, acting in numerous plays on big stages. That’s not all; he also plays the violin and the viola and takes interest in the art of Krav-Maga, Yoga and painting. Socially-active Frazan also has a music clubs to reach out to the new generation and the underprivileged children.

Frazan Adil Kotwal is pretty popular for his stints in Opera, but would you believe him when he says that he has not heard proper Opera until he was 18? That’s right, folks. He is primarily a violinist, but he fell in love with Opera after he performed it in front a senior Opera singer. “I love the combination of grandeur, melodrama and the visceral emotions that one puts into it,” says Frazan, while explaining why he is more inclined towards Opera than others.

When one sees Frazan the way he is today, it would be difficult to believe that he was an introvert. But just like with any other performer, his stage made him overcome fears.

“Of course I do get the butterflies when I perform but I just let them fly away!”

For all the European fans out there, Frazan’s 2016 calendar includes a month of performing in Europe and then some more back home in India. He’ll be back to Europe again to start his proper education in Voice.

Superheroes are the trend of the decade. So when asked what superpower he’d want, Frazan says, “The ability to play any instrument (voice also) to the highest technical level possible, as I believe music breaks all boundaries and surpasses all languages.” He would also like to make the world a happier place, if given the power!

Frazan may love Pop, but lucky for him, he doesn’t get hooked on Evil Pop! He appreciates all the forms of music.

Since Frazan wants to share his knowledge in the future, I asked him to say something Opera-appealing for the Indian audience, and he managed to do that by using the most powerful marketing tool in India: Bollywood. He thinks Opera is just like Bollywood; it’s filled with passion, romance and beautiful music. Now, don’t we all just agree with him? He further adds that Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Sholay would be great as Opera adaptations!

“In the next 10 years I see myself as the world’s first greatest Zoroastrian Opera singer and putting India on the forefront of Western Classical Music.

“There’s a big gap between the classical music here (in India) and the youngsters!”

So what does Frazan in his power do to bridge this gap? He conducts a Music Circle every week in a Pune institution where he learns German. Here, some 20-odd youngsters sit together, speak about the works of a German composer, and also sing them together! His steps will definitely put India on the map of ‘countries to watch out for’ for Western Classical Music.

The Indian Opera Boy is also well known for being a Zoroastrian priest when he was merely in the Sixth Grade. Him being a priest makes his music holier and creates a bigger and more meaningful connection with the universe, he says.

This 22-year-old may have 99 problems, but time management isn’t one of them. Apart from his music, Frazan also manages to learn new language, practise Krav Maga and Yoga, play the violin and viola, exploring and last but definitely not the least, travelling!

For those who are wondering what background Frazan is from: He is a BMM Journalism major from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. He has had his fair share of sleepless project nights, but managed to handle it all together with the help of his faculty, friends and his parents who are his ultimate rocks of support.

He just has one last thing to say to all the readers out there:

“Always believe in yourself and follow your dreams”

We wish Frazan a very successful life, where he will make us prouder of him than we already are!

Frazan is off to Vienna at the moment to perform there and will be having concerts once he is back in the country.